Tatyana Yang

Tatyana Yang was born in Moscow, graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute in 1987. In 2001, she participated in the wall-painting for the Church of the Small Ascension on B. Nikitskaya st. in Moscow and became involved in icon painting, decorated the Taganka’s performance “Socrates/Oracle”, directed by Y. Lubimov. In 2003, she painted a series of paintings for J. Haydn's Mass “The Seven Last Words of the Savior on the Cross.”

In 1993 she joined the Russian Union of Artists, since 1995 she has become a member of the International Art Fund. In 2006 she was awarded the silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Tatyana is interested in ancient history and early Christian painting, the history of Byzantine art, and in her artworks, she turns to fresco technique, guided by personal emotions and associations. Her paintings seem to be erased by time or are in a haze of hot air, the colors are natural and fascinates by their natural perfection.

Her artworks can be found in the Museum of Modern Art (Moscow), as well as in private collections in Russia, England, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Taiwan.

Featured exhibitions:

2006 - Painting. Harmattan Gallery, Megeve, France;
2005 - “The Burning Color” jointly with I. Starzhenetskaya. Theatre “School of Dramatic Art” founded by A. Vasiliev, Moscow;
2007 - “Pilgrimage to the Country of the East” jointly with A. Komelin. New Manezh, Moscow;
2008 - “Three Palestines”. Volga Gallery, Moscow; 2009 - “Painting”. Gallery De Tween Pauwen, The Hague; 2010­ - “Song of the Ascent”. Cultural Center “Pokrovskie Vorota”, Moscow;
2011 - J. Haydn “7 Words of the Savior on the Cross”. Vologda City Philharmonia;
2012 - J. Haydn “7 Words of the Savior on the Cross”. Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonia;

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