Solo exhibition “No comments”
Eduard Abzhinov
Impressionism. Symbolism. Painting.

The exhibition featured over 20 paintings. The artist travels frequently and considers the time spent painting outdoors to be the best moments of his life. Love for nature and travel, the artist’s close look and contemplation of beautiful views, mystical connection with cosmic energy and his zest for life make Eduard’s artworks “speaking”, saturated with content. They are like vivid visual images seen in a flash of bright light. Like short stories - parables that convey cautionary or beautiful tales of old fishermen and obstinate animals, captivating women and old trees, sea waves and fish, the noise of the city crowd or the silence of architectural forms... They are full of the energy of those places that once inspired the Artist, made him stop, unfold his easel, take brushes, palette and paints out, and now they attract excited viewers’ eye...

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