Solo exhibition A. Fateev "Modern Garden".
Abstraction. Painting and drawing.

Following the lifting of most restrictions related to the pandemic, Art gallery & Decor studio Vincent hosted the MODERN GARDEN Exhibition on September 10. The exhibition featured 8 large-format artworks, as well as 11 graphics by the artist Anton Fateev.

The exhibition is dedicated to the author’s reflections on the main issues of the uncertainty of human life, issues of meaning, freedom, choice, loneliness, affection... The artist shows the idea of life without clear answers and plans, without knowing our capacities and future, without guarantees for happiness and eternity, but simply obeying the calm flow of time and events, as nature and the wind do. And he invites viewers to the fantastic Garden, created by his own hands, where there is a time and place for thought, love, contemplation and games...

The artist’s artworks reflect the influence of the masters of American abstraction of the 60s and 80s, but still, it is a persistent search for his own style, which took shape in elegant brevity and admiration for Nature!

Natalia Fateeva, the Head, master and leading teacher of the KOSEI School, the Moscow branch of the Ikebana avant-garde school “Sogetsu”, which means “Grass and the Moon” in Japanese, took part in the Exhibition design. The key feature of this trend is freedom. The main laws are still the harmony of elements and their subordination to the creative concept. The Kosei School in Moscow is a part of the big world of Sogetsu. And Natalia Fateeva has been its Head and leading teacher since 1997. Disciple of Hiroshi Teshigahara (son of Sofu Teshigahara who was the founder of Sogetsu), member of the International Association of Teachers in Tokyo, director of the Moscow branch of Sogetsu.

At the exhibition “Modern Garden” you can find the central composition in the form of a large installation with fresh flowers by the Master and small artworks by graduates of the Kosei School.

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