“Metamorphoses and Illusions”
D. Matsievsky, A. Kolpakova, D. Surovtsev.

From November 30 to December 12, 2019, the exhibition “Metamorphoses and Illusions” was held at Vincent Gallery on Strastnoy Boulevard, which presented to the guests the graphics by Denis Matsievsky and Alla Kolpakova, as well as sculptures by Danila Surovtsev.

The skill and boundless imagination of the authors allowed creating an amazing surreal atmosphere in the gallery, woven from their own illusions, dreams, and memories. Plastic and dynamic images of Denis Matsievsky’s fantastic worlds, Alla Kolpakova’s romantic images-memories that are born and stay in the stream of iconic details, the sublime antique beauty and spirit of Danila Surovtsev’s bronze sculptures, form a single imaginary space filled with movement and transformation, and draw the viewer into an exquisite game of elusive experiences and sensations.

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