“Expressive” D. Kedrin
1st series “Adult Games”.

Vincent Art Gallery presents a large exhibition “EXPRESSIVE” of the artist Dmitry Kedrin in two series of works.

From 14 to 19 March, the first series of the exposition “Adult Games” devoted to the theme of passion will be held in the premises on Strastnoy Boulevard.

Dmitry Kedrin’s paintings are sensuous and impulsive. Personal memories and fantasies equally inspire the artist, so it is impossible to say exactly where the plein air ends and the world of impulsive ideas begins. The canvases merge into a single frieze - the manifestation of love, life and the magical appeal of painting.

2nd series “Color of the City”

Vincent Gallery presents the second series of paintings by Dmitry Kedrin - “Color of the City”, which will be held as part of the EXPRESSIVE Exhibition from March 20 to March 26.

“Color of the City” is a source of inspiration for a city dweller who adores the bustle and infrastructure of a metropolis. Urban landscapes and natural landscapes are intertwined in the same semi-fantastic space. For example, the painting “Station in Venice” looks both like a sketch from life and like an enchanted forest. Reality and fiction, plein air and freedom - thoughts merge together in the Artist’s expressive paintings.

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