“Velvet season in the country of love and order"
O. Motovilova-Komova.

This is the first exhibition of the “4Arts” Association at Vincent Gallery of Contemporary Art in a new space at Strastnoy Boulevard, 12, bldg. 1, where ancient and contemporary art is presented.

Dedication to travel to the south of France, Provence, Languedoc - home of old castles and wine! Modern painting in the style of French post-impressionism.

She began her creative career as a sculptor, and this helped the artist quickly find an expressive plastic language, Olga’s painting is distinguished by the accuracy of lines and coloristic boldness, filling with the joy of life. Olga discovered her own personal style, but it can be said that it comes from impressionism, or rather from fauvism, where the author's color and mood affect viewers’ perception. Early in her career, Olga's favorite theme was the Russian province with its ancient churches and the leisurely but cheerful life of ordinary people. But then, the artist’s creative muse goes beyond Russian life and literally bursts into Paris, to the south of France, delighting local residents with a bright palette and emotionality. The French public that loves traditions and Art, and especially Russian art, highly appreciated the artist’s talent. And since 2009 Olga has been regularly working and living in France at the official invitation of France. This exhibition includes about 30 author’s artworks from the series “Journey to the South of France”.

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