Rim Valiakhmetov

Rim Valiakhmetov was born on March 27, 1968 in Ufa.

As soon as the artist perceived himself in the world and the world in himself (Rim's name, if read backwards, means "the world" in Russian), he turned to painting. Rim is stubborn and sincere, a man of impulse, that's why his works are so catching. The first impression, the inspiration, the impulse and the sheer feeling - these are the things which make him create. As a rule, the artist creates a series of works within a short time so they have common thread and express feeling alike. "If the work is delayed for more than a month, it is easier to start a new one," says the artist. As a writer conveys his thoughts in words, so Rim paints all the bright, kind and eternal things in life. Probably for this very reason, his paintings are so popular with us and our guests.

Rim's works are to be found in private collections in the United States, Canada, the UK, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Colombia, Germany, Austria and New Zealand.

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