Olga Motovilova-Komova

Olga Motovilova-Komova takes the world with joy. Formal Fauvism technique, large brushstrokes and pure colors instead of modernist pessimism make one enjoy the life. Warmth, kindness and love fill her universe, and the life of provincial Russian towns depicted in her paintings seems incredibly catching. Olga Motovilova-Komova's skills are beyond any doubt - she comes from a family with a very ancient history dating back to the 14th century. In 2009, Olga explored France - since then, this amazing country is always in her canvases, still filled with light and joy.

She graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Industrial Art named after S.G. Stroganov in 1993. Since 1987,
she has participated in exhibitions. Started career as a sculptor, she has devoted herself entirely to painting since 1992. With more than 20 solo exhibitions in Russia and abroad, she works in Russia and France.

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