Sergey Nikitin

Sergey Nikitin completed a bachelor's degree program in marketing at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, and continued his studies in management and business technologies in the field of gallery business.

The text is written based on Tamara Zinovieva's material. One could say that Sergey Nikitin's paintings are abstract, spontaneous, expressive, archetypal figurative. The artist follows the classical avant-garde tradition, which goes back to Kandinsky, Klee, Miro, and intuitive painting of contemporary artists - Dubuffet, Basquiat, etc.

It seems that Sergey came to art to make people feel, experience, take life not so seriously, and give to people the lost ability to feel Joy!

If applying psychological analysis to Sergey's works, one could say that the artist modifies pre-objective vision of the baby's world - hinting at objects of reality and color. His favorite motifs are huge faces and 'cephalopods', and he depicts a person as a child. The connections between the figures are not space meaningful but emotional. Therefore, Sergey's creative method is figural improvisation with no prejudged conception, and its result is unpredictable. But the spontaneous strokes and color splashes are brushed up on by the author - and the colorful agglomerate turns into a conglomerate. And then dissonance is introduced into this stable structure - willed hooliganism or accidental mistake that disturbs the balance of forms - and figural dissonance turns into consonance, confrontation into synergy. The whole process looks like a 'ripple' of "chaos-harmony" phases that breaks the logic. And Sergey constantly breaks it and then restores at a different level of difficulty, as the children always do when playing with construction sets.

Featured exhibitions:

2014 - Vincent Gallery (two group exhibitions).
2015 - exhibition during the Mishkasound music project.
2016 - exhibition in Athea gallery (Cyprus).
2017 - exhibition during the Porsche presentation.
2017 - Jurmala Art Fair.
2017 - Antibiennale, Central House of Artists.
2018 - "LA RÉVOLUTION" exhibition, Museum of the Revolution, Cuba.
2018 - "Brutal Tenderness" exhibition, Central House of Artists.
2019 - "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU" solo exhibition, LEGA Gallery.
2020 - "Classics" exhibition, Winery.

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