Poetic evening within the framework of the exhibition “Metamorphoses and Illusions”
and presentation of the book “Notes on the Hand” Author: Lusya Pikalova.

An artistic and poetic evening dedicated to the opening of the surrealist Exhibition “Metamorphoses and Illusions” of contemporary artists Denis Matsievsky (painting, aquafortis), Alla Kolpakova (graphics), and Danila Surovtsev (sculpture) will be held in the art apartment of Vincent Art Gallery with a cozy atmosphere. Where you will hear the enchanting poems of the young poetess and the author of the book “Notes on the Hand” Lusya Pikalova and more.
Lusya Pikalova is a poetess, word tamer, finalist of the Poetry Championship named after Mayakovsky, prize-winner of the Literary Competition named after Brodsky. Her first book, “Notes on the Hand”, is a teleporter to the sea, fairy creatures and talking foxes. This is a talisman that feeds internal fairies and everyday magic. These are 40 verses, 5 spreads with color illustrations on good paper, hardcover and a delight for connoisseurs!
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