Konstantin Totibadze 
“Natural Forms”

On September 19, 2019, an exhibition featuring Konstantin Totibadze's artworks was opened under the sponsorship of and as part of the PNS Glamping party arranged by PSN GROUP.

As defined by its name, the “Natural Forms” exhibition sees the artist's and supervisor's main concern in showing the beauty of natural forms, their colour palette and influence on dainty shapes and colours of artists' works. When creating his works of art, the artist refers to various artistic traditions, so pieces of work get animated owing to his artistic impression, mischievous and audacious take on our reality. The way Konstantin combines ancient painting techniques with intense and vibrant colours and his frisky choice of sizes and measures, as well as his vision of reality make Totibadze's artworks look noteworthy and relevant for modern exhibition visitors.

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