Konstantin Totibadze

Konstantin Totibadze was born into a family of artists, and the Tbilisi Academy of Arts is named after his grandfather. Konstantin graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts and the Moscow Higher Art School named in the memory of 1905. He lives and works in Moscow and Germany, art dealer and author of numerous exhibitions. Konstantin is a high level artist; some of his artworks are compared by art critics with the works of Antique Flemish and Baroque painters in terms of the color palette and the recreation of the smallest details. At the same time, the artist uses modern painting techniques, deliberately exaggerating the scale of the object in front of him, which can be a jar of pickles and an ancient Chinese vase, and an amazing ornament as the background. Konstantin is a genius of modern still lifes, he turned this genre into a real aesthetic shock for viewers, and it has beauty, irony, and history. In landscapes, Konstantin combines realism and his own mood, which deeply affects the impression of paintings, making them even hyperrealistic, which gives his paintings relevance and uniqueness. The artist’s paintings can be found in museum collections in Moscow, Tbilisi, including the Museum of the East, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Philips Foundation, etc., in gallery and private collections in the USA, Germany, Russia, Georgia, and England.

Featured exhibitions:

1990 - Hosp Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria
1994 - Solo exhibition, magazine “L'évènement de jeudi”, Paris
1995 - “Exhibition of Russian Artists”, UNESCO, Paris
1996 - Exhibition “Gallery in a Gallery”, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
1997-2008 - “Art Manezh”, Manezh, Moscow
1998 - “Art Salon”, Diana’s Gallery, Washington, USA
1998 – “Exhibition of Russian Artists”, Diana’s Gallery, Washington, USA
2001 - Solo exhibition, King Gallery, Berkeley, USA
2012 - “Landscape”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
2015 - “Ode to food”, Proun Gallery, Moscow
2016 - Space 7, Totibadze’s Gallery, Moscow
2017 - “Under Forest Cover”, Totibadze’s Gallery, Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow
2018 - “Tbilisi Art Fair”, Tbilisi, Georgia

Exhibitions of the artist at the Vincent Gallery
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