Mukhadin Kishev

Mukhadin Kishev was born in 1939, Kabardino-Balkariya. Graduated from Kuban State University, he works in the genre of monumental painting. In 1967, he joined the Artists' Union of the USSR.

Orientalism, culture of Spain, and the age of the avant-garde in the Western world and Russia had great impact on his artistic endeavor. Mukhadin masterfully uses color and light in his own original style with great color expression. The artist embodies images born in his imagination strengthened by deep thinking of modern reality and its sensitive perception.

Mukhadin Kishev is the author of more than 40 solo exhibitions worldwide, has participated in more than 80 major group exhibitions in Russia and abroad, and is the winner of six gold medals of European art academies for his contribution to the world art.

Between 1972 and 2007, he visited 24 countries worldwide. Between 1994 and 1998, he worked in London at Chisenhale's invitation. Mukhadin has worked in Spain since 1998.

His works are displayed in museums of fine arts of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Tobolsk, Krasnodar, in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the State Tretyakov Gallery, and in cultural centers of England and Spain. More than 270 paintings are in private collections in 34 countries worldwide, including the Spanish royal family. He took part in the world's contemporary art fairs in Moscow, Barcelona, Geneva and Belgium.

Featured exhibitions:

1962-1989 - annual group exhibitions, Nalchik Museum of Fine Arts, Krasnodar Krai Art Museum named after
F.A. Kovalenko.
1993 - Exhibitions in France, Jordan, and Yugoslavia.
1994-1997 - Exhibitions at Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1994 - "Encounters". The Atrium Gallery, London. Exhibition of the Contemporary Russian Art. "The Tabernacle Gallery", London. Contemporary Russian Art. Collyer-Bristow Gallery, London. "Russian Artists Abroad". London; "Women of the World" exhibition. Collyer-Bristow Gallery, London.
1999 - "Artexpo". "MossCo Art World". Barcelona.
2001 - "Europ'Art", with JAG Contemporary London Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.
2001 - "LineArt", with JAG Contemporary London Gallery, Gent. Belgium.
2001 - "Christmas Show". McDowell Modern Art Gallery, London.
2001 - Charity exhibition of the Gorbachev Foundation held to raise support for children with leukemia. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow.
2002 - Charity exhibition held to raise support for children with ASD. Cadiz, Spain.
2002 - Juegos Ecuestres Mundiales, Contemporary Art Gallery, Jerez, Spain.
2002 - "Art Manezh". "MossCo Art World". Moscow.
2003 - "45 Years in Art and About Art". Russian Academy of Arts, Tsereteli Art Gallery, Moscow.
2003 - Exhibition of members of the European Academy of Arts. Casa de Cantabria, Madrid.
2004 - Exhibition of members of the European Academy of Arts. Belgium.
2004 - "Summer Show". Collyer-Bristow Gallery, London.
2004 - "Homenaje a Dalí" exhibition. Galería Crisolart, Barcelona, Spain.
2004 - FAIM. Madrid.
2004 - Exhibition of members of the European Academy of Arts. Paris.
2004 - Exhibition of members of the European Academy of Arts. Austria.
2005 - "El Museo de Arte Gráfico y Dibujo". Guanabana, Entre Ríos, Argentina.
2006 - "Art Manezh". "MossCo Art World". Moscow.
2007 - "Non Objective Art". Mimi Ferzt Gallery, New York.
2008 - "Moscow-New York. Simultaneous display. From "Kolodzei Art Foundation" collection, ChelseaArt Museum, New York.
2008 - "Dolmen de Dalí". Museo de la Casa de la Moneda, Madrid.
2008 - Vincent Art Gallery, TsvetoRitm, Moscow.

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