Dmitry Kedrin

Dmitry Kedrin has taken pleasure in drawing from an early age. At the age of 6 he received his first fee as an artist. The next years he spent seeking the ideal artistic language. So he chose painting. Dmitry Kedrin's paintings are sensuous and impulsive. Emotions, colors and shapes are getting mixed up in the evocative paintings. Cultural patterns and academic studies are giving way to its main purpose - it gives a priceless sense of freedom.

In 1997, Dmitry Kedrin joined the Moscow Union of Artists. His works are displayed in the Museum of Russian Art in New Jersey, the USA, in private collections in Russia, the United States, Germany, the UK, France, Spain and other European countries.

Featured exhibitions and awards:

1993 - "Oxymoron". Ekaterina Leonovich, Pedro Clavijo, Pavel Razgulyaev, Dmitry Kedrin. IFA. Malaya Gruzinskaya str. 28. Moscow.
1994 - "Artjonction". International Contemporary Art Fair. Cannes.
1997 - "Art-Moscow". Central House of Artists. Moscow.
1998 - "Golden Brush of Russia" exhibition-competition. Central House of Artists. Moscow. 1st prize.
2006 - "Pin-Up". In collaboration with Anton Fateev. April Gallery. Barvikha.
2010 - Exhibition of Showdown winners. Saatchi Gallery. London.
2011 - "Living City". In collaboration with Boris Vilkov. Weekend Gallery. Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Moscow.
2012 - "Spanish Itineraries. Version III: Las Meninas". Cervantes Institute. Moscow.
2013 - "Nunez de Balboa. To the 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Pacific Ocean" exhibition. Cervantes Institute. Moscow.
2014 - "Art Collect" Art Fair. Museum of the Qasr Prison. Tehran, Iran.
2015 - "Summertime" painting exhibition. Vincent Gallery. Moscow.
2016 - "Landscape Reflection". Wordshop Gallery. Winery. Moscow.
2019 - "Is it me?!" KollerArtHouse Abstract Painting House. Promgrafika Gallery. Moscow.
2020 - "Color, Freedom, Improvisation". Vera Elnitskaya, Mikhail Babenkov, Dmitry Kedrin. Exhibition hall of the Moscow Union of Artists. Kuznetsky Most 20. Moscow.

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