Sergey Irishev

Born and raised in the city of Sarov, Sergey Ireshev now lives in Moscow. He is a modern Russian artist working in the genre of analytical abstraction. Trained as a painter in private, he started creative activities in 2009. Sergey joined the Artists' Union and participated in many group and solo exhibitions in Russia and abroad. He took 2nd place in "Avant-garde Composition" nominated category at the International Art Week.

Over the past few years Sergey has actively participated in solo and group exhibitions. His works are in private collections.

He is the winner of the Russian Art Week - "Avant-garde Composition" nominated category (2nd place).

Sergey has participated in exhibitions in Parnu, Tartu, Tallinn, Moscow, Daugavpils (Mark Rothko Art Center), Lebanon, Riga (Art Center), as well as in international exhibitions and competitions.

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