Rimma Ilyina

Rimma Ilyina was born in 1952, Parnu. She has lived in Daugavpils, Latvia since 1977. Attended the art studio, and then she continued her studies at the Moscow Correspondence People's University of Arts, the Faculty of Decorative Arts.

Rimma worked as an artist, decorator and designer. She painted on private orders and many of her works are now in private collections.

Featured exhibitions and awards:

2014 - St. Petersburg Art Week (1st, 2nd and 3rd places).
2014 - Russian Art Week, Moscow (1st and 2nd places).
2014 - "Buffoonery", Moscow artists' session, 15th season, A3 Gallery.
2015 - Russian Art Week, international contemporary art exhibition and competition (1st place).
2018 - "Dolce vita", exhibition of avant-garde painting and expressive sublimatism, Māla Mākslas Centrs Dmmc, Daugavpils.
2019 - "Pallette", avant-garde painting exhibition, Daugavpils Local History and Art Museum.

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