Anton Fateev

Anton Fateev was born in Moscow into an intellectual family, his father is a famous painter, and his mother is a pottery artist, Japanese ikebana master and teacher. He graduated from the Moscow University of Design and Technology; he painted a lot when he was a kid and then worked in the field of interior design. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, including the Moscow Museum of the East, James Gallery, Art Strelka, Les Oreades, the April Art Bureau, the PIN UP Gallery, the Center for Contemporary Art “Dostoinstvo”, the Museum of Kimry, Vincent Art Gallery, etc.

Anton lived and worked for some years in New York, the result was a large series of paintings entitled “Central Park. New York” in the genre of minimalism. Paintings have that sense of immense energy, inspiration and courage of the author, something the visitors really appreciated, and all the artworks were sold at the very first exhibition in Moscow.

When creating his paintings, the artist adheres to several rules: large format, laconism, harmonious and soft color combination, layering. In graphic artworks, the author is even more discreet, the combination of black or red and white resembles Chinese calligraphy, the harmony of the combination of Yin and Yang.

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