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Exhibition “Memory Traces”
Author - Sergey Nikitin
Abstract expressionism. Painting.

Sergey Nikitin’s exhibition includes 10 paintings by a young talented artist. The artist finds a connection with himself, lost in childhood and hidden in the unconscious. In his works, the author thinks through his early emotions and reveals the riddle of the immediate joy of life and contact with his intuition through “automatic” drawing, as little children do or great surrealists did. In Sergey’s artworks we can see archetypal images and ancient symbols, music of color and immediacy of emotions, which determine the spontaneous and expressive character of the pictorial language...
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Solo exhibition
"No comments"
31.10.20 — 04.11.20 

E. Abzhinov.
Exhibition "Modern Garden"
10.09.20 - 30.09.2020
А. Fateev.
Painting. Graphics.
Exhibition "Expressive" 
14.03.20 - 19.03.20
20.03.20 - 27.03.20
D. Kedrin.
The exhibition "the Metamorphosis and Illusion"
30.11.20 - 12.12.20
D. Matsievsky, A. Kolpakova, D. Surovtsev.
Painting. Graphics. Sculpture.
Exhibition "Velvet Season in the Land of Love and Order"
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