Vera Elnitskaya

Vera Elnitskaya was born in Moscow. Started painting from an early age, she studied at the school of art. Vera Elnitskaya painted from life a lot. She exhibited with groups of artists and travelled around the country. In 1990, Vera was awarded 1st prize for a series of landscape paintings in a competition among young Moscow artists. Her art belongs to the Moscow School of Painting and is influenced by the French school and the great Russian artists - Korovin and Falk, Kandinsky, and Tatlin.

Between 1990 and 1991 Vera Elnitskaya was a member of SENEZH art group. In 1991, she joined the Moscow Union of Artists. Still in 1991, Vera took the 1st prize in a competition among young Moscow artists. In 1999, she travelled to Italy and held a solo exhibition in San Pierto in Casale. In 2003, Vera worked at La Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris. In 2006, she participated in "Arte e cultura dalla Russia" exhibition during the Russian Art Festival in Viterbo, Italy.

Vera Elnitskaya's works are to be found in the private collections of M. Alshibai, I. Golman, A. Zaripov, A. Mironov, D. Toloknov (Moscow); R. Ger, E. Rosenfeld (Paris); B. Gelbman (Canada); P. Selmi (Italy), and in the art museums of Sochi, Ustiuzhna, Bendery and Pereslavl-Zaleski.

Featured exhibitions and awards:

1991 - Exhibition at Carmel Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada.
2004 - "Act of Charity". France Gallery, Art-Strelka Cultural Center, Moscow.
2006 - "Art-salon". Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2007 - "Spring Exhibition". Campbell's Art Gallery, London.
2008 - A. Zaripov's collection. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Petrovka 25, Moscow.
2008 - "Five sides of the world", Photo Biennale.
2009 - "ART-MANEGH". Aist Gallery, Moscow.
2012 - "Moscow Spring Saga". Vincent Gallery, Moscow.
2013 - "Delicate impressionism". Solo exhibition of V. Elnitskaya's works. Dresden and ArtGnezdo Art Galleries. Moscow.
2013 - "The Arbat ... and farther up". Solo exhibition of V. Elnitskaya's works. Art Gallery, Gogol Museum. Moscow.

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