Leon Ellin

Leon Ellin praises French admiration for women and life. His heroines are sensual ladies, either modern, or came straight out of the paintings of Lempicka. The artist’s style is in tune with the Art Deco era, a brief Epicurean respite in the middle of a ruthless age.

Leonid Pronchenko was born in 1956 in Orenburg. He graduated from the Alma-Ata State Theater and Art Institute in 1983. Since 1996 he has been a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad, his artworks can be found in museums of Orenburg, in private collections in Russia, France, Germany, Czech Republic, and Japan. Since 2004 he has been living and working in Zlin, Czech Republic. The prices for his paintings are fixed in the reference books “AKAUN. MAYER - 1996. BENEZIT – E”

Featured exhibitions:

1990 - All-Russian portrait exhibition, Moscow, Central House of Artists.
1991 - 46 artists of Russia, Blagnac, France, ODYSSUD.
1999 - Pronchenko. Painting, Paris, HOTEL-DROUOT.
2000 - Contemporary Art. New School of Orenburg, Paris, HOTEL-DROUOT.
2001 - New artists of the Orenburg school. Paris, HOTEL-DROUOT.
2001 - Solo exhibition (45 years old), Orenburg.
2002 - Painting of Moscow and Orenburg artists. Zurich, Switzerland. Dahiez & Associes Gallery.
2003 - Solo exhibition, Orenburg.
2003 - ALTENIGME RUSSE, Compiegne, France, Krysalis France.
2004 - Vladimir and Orenburg artists, Paris. PARIS DROUOT RICHELIEU.
2008 - Orenburg Album, Berlin, Germany, Russian House of Science and Culture.

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