Inna Bolund

Inna Bolund is a young Belarusian artist. Born on February 28, 1985 in the city of Polotsk, she studied at Polotsk State University, the Faculty of History and Philology, where she graduated in 2008.

Inna's parents did not take painting seriously. Having graduated from the university, Inna worked at school and printing house, but never stopped painting. And at some point, she decided that her hobby was worthy to become life-work.

In 2008, Inna met Donna Finch, an American writer, who invited her to illustrate several books. The exposition includes several paintings with bright and rich African subjects, New Year and Epiphany images, and warm family scenes. Since August 2013, Inna has participated in group exhibitions and held solo ones in Minsk, Brest, Astana, the United States and Denmark.

Featured exhibitions and awards:

2008-2012 - illustration of a series of books by Donna Finch "Amanda the Panda", "Peanut Brittle", etc.
2015 - 1st place at Belarus Art Week, Minsk.
2016 - participation in the Artincognito project, Moscow.
2016 - exhibition, JonaQuestArt Gallery, London.
2016 - solo exhibition, Times cafe, Brest.
2017 - exhibition in Vejle, Denmark.
2017 - exhibition, JonaQuestArt Gallery, London.
2017 - participation in Hue exhibition, New Jersey, USA.
2018 - participation in "A Woman's Worth" exhibition, New Jersey, USA.
2018 - "POW" exhibition, JonaQuestArt Gallery, London, UK.
2018 - participation in Hidden Colors exhibition, USA.
2018 - participation in the International Plein-Air/Exhibition of the Commonwealth Countries - Poland-Belarus-Ukraine, the European Cooperation Day (ECday) 2018 the CBC Program Poland-Belarus-Ukraine.
2018 - solo exhibition, Paragraph cafe, Brest.
2019 - "Coffee, Sun, Childhood" solo exhibition, Pushkin Library, Brest.
2019 - participation in Exposition M'afrika, Galerie Artcad, Paris, France.
2019 - Prix des Lionness winner, Paris, France.

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