Alexey Anikin

Countryside is the head motif of Alexey Anikin's paintings. He has been delighted with its scenery from an early age, as there is everything that is euphemistically described as the heart and soul of Russia. The nature of the central Russia is depicted with photorealistic accuracy and attention to detail. Alexey Anikin depicts the past and the present, the intimate and the universal in the images of the native land. His works represent the Russian landscape tradition.

Born in 1968, in Dzerzhinsk, Alexey Anikin graduated from Suzdal Art-Restoration College in 1987. Since 1991, he has exhibited in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Dzerzhinsk and other Russian cities. The artist's works are to be found in private collections in Russia, Italy, England, Canada and Germany.

Featured exhibitions and awards:

2016 - Fomenar prize (Berlin), finalist.
2017 - Art Geography, 2nd place at the painting competition (World Art Forum, International Exhibition-Competition, Moscow).
2017 - RuArt Milano, 1st and 2nd places at the international painting exhibition "My Italy".
2018 - New York Realism Fine Art - gold medal in "Landscape. Realism" nominated category.
2018 - Russian Art Week (classical painting competition), participant.
2018 - Metropolitan Art Seasons (spring, autumn, Moscow), participant.
2019 - NewArtFest, "Let Yourself Paint" competition finalist.
2019 - Arte Genova (Italy), exhibition participant.

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