Eduard Abzhinov

Born in the Krasnodar Krai, Eduard Abzhinov graduated from Kuban State University, the Faculty of Art and Graphics.

He has lived and worked in Moscow since 1997. Up to 2004, he worked as a book and magazine illustrator with Moscow publishing houses. Eduard has worked in Bilingua-Art Studio, Moscow, as an art teacher since 2004. In 2009 he joined the Moscow Union of Artists.

Eduard Abzhinov's works are displayed in the galleries and private collections in Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, England, Italy, Switzerland and the US. Eduard is the author of more than 10 solo exhibitions. And he takes active participation in group and charity exhibitions. It stamps him as a sympathetic and community-minded person while the subjects of his paintings never reflect the desire for ideological resonance. Eduard's artworks are full of nostalgia and lyrism. The painting is dense and rich in color as if varnished hundreds of times to perfect visual impression. Going back to the traditions of expressionism and symbolism, Eduard's works reveal his emotions and inner dialogues of the characters and objects.

Solo exhibitions:

2002 - Paradise Gallery. Roland Bykov Center. Moscow.
2003 - "Parallel Worlds" and "Invitation to Dinner" exhibitions. Mayakovsky Theatre Moscow, Russia.
2005 - "Three Roses For You". "V Pochete" Cultural Center. Moscow.
2006 - representative office of PALL GMBH, a German company. Moscow.
2008 - Sunny House Gallery. Moscow.
2009 - "Another Space". A3 Gallery. Moscow.
2010 - "Parallelwelten". Arthaus Genzel Gallery. Wetzlar, Germany.
2011 - Opening of Eduard Abzhinov's Art Studio. Moscow.
2012 - "Two Lives". Charity exhibition at Eduard Abzhinov’s Art Studio.

Featured group exhibitions:

2004 - "Arte 2003", Internationale Kunstausstellung, Basel, Switzerland.
"The 15th War and Peace Ball", London, UK.
2005 - "Arte 2005", Internationale Kunstausstellung, Basel, Switzerland.
2006 - "Zeitgenossische Kunst aus Russland", Constance, Germany.
2007 - "Breaking the Reality", ARTPLAY Design Center, Moscow.
2009 - "Diema's Dream", charity auction, GUM, Moscow.
2010 - COLLECTORS GALLERIES, Carmel, California.
2011 - "Diema's Dream", charity auction, GUM, Moscow.

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